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 You will also be getting your own Personal Ignite Your Life Assessment


  • Are you living an ignited life?

  • Do you know the key elements to love your life each day?

  • What might be possible for your life?


 Your personal assessment will invite you to a life of passion, purpose and play!



A smokin' HOT life.  We all want it!


A woman who throws herself into her own fire and the center of her YOUniverse is a woman who will radiate heat, love and joy with everyone and everything she touches. A turned on woman turns on the universe!


At Hot Pink YOUniversity we will give you the combustible juice to ignite a life of passion, pleasure, prosperity and vibrant health.  It is through self-love and fanning our passions, living out our purpose, that YOU will create the life you are meant to live.  A life Outloud!


Hot Pink YOUniversity is education of the highest order for women!


  • A positive sisterhood of women supporting your growth
  • Events, playshops, trainings and courses to empower your hot and juicy life
  • 1:1 coaching and group dynamics personally designed for you
  • Incorporating the power of play on a regular basis, not just a luxury
  • Ways to tap into your Bliss!


 So, are you ready?!  Strap on your heels BABY, you're in for the ride of your life!

"...we need to surround ourselves with a powerful tribe of like-minded women, women who have our back in life, women who know us deep down and still love us!" - Hot Pink YOUniversity Naked to Adorned Playshop
Meet the Women of Hot Pink YOUniversity!
Ann Murgatroyd Soe and Christie Gause-Bemis have years of experience empowering women to live life outloud!  Not only talking the talk, they walk the walk.  It is through their education and life experiences they have devoloped their unique tools and techniques in Hot Pink YOUniversity.
  • Do you want another year to go by where you did not take risks or live full out?
  • Another year with the same habits that hold you back?
  • A life without positive supports, feeling alone and lonely?




Join this powerful community and decide to live outloud.
Ignite YOUr Life Discovery Sessions
A free 30-minute one on one session.  We will take a look at what passions you have waiting to ignite.  This complimentary session will map out a plan to activate your next step.  We will share tools to use that day.  These sessions are limited each month.  To schedule your session with Ann To schedule your session with Christie
Contact us:  hotpinkyou@gmail.com or 715-451-0448 







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