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How Annie Got Her Groove Back...


At HPU we talk about creating "spark moments."  These are moments in life that you can literally feel a shift in your energy, a moving of your soul.  I find myself at such an amazing new life stage and could say that I have had many spark moments in the last couple years of my life.


Shortly after filing for divorce after 21 years of marriange I flew off to South Beach Miami with my hot soul sista Lori and her then 18 year old daughter for a weekend that set the tone for feeding my insatiable appetite for sensuality and adventure.  I spent my days on the beach soaking in the sun topless and surrounded by the powerful energy of hundreds of women of all shapes, sizes, and walks of life gathered together in a brilliant sisterhood of succulence.  Yes, I was topless- as in without my bikini top proudly sunning myself and eventually walking right down the beach into the waves with my breasts tanned and bouncing with each step.  It was liberating and empowering and oh so much fun to remove my top with my best friend right there joining me.  We giggled, wondered, and went for it.  I was single for the first time in 23 years.  I was in a beautiful place with the unconditional love and energy of my soul sista and all those other women who were in various stages of self-exploration and personal growth. I could feel my power surging and I could honestly say I was loving myself in those moments.  I was on fire!



Fast forward to January 2012.  I am in love with a man that is one of those inspiring men who truly and simply honors, reveres and loves women.  Ours is a clear, easy and deeply sensual love affair.  He too is an adventurer and we trekked off to Riviera Maya to indulge in 7 days of fun in the glorious sun and surf of Mexio.  We filled our time with just the right mix of romance, relaxation and adventure.  I will forever cherish the power of being with a truly compatible companion.  This is new territory for me.  This is the stuff of my dreams and fantasies for years.  This is the way I imagined it was "supposed" to feel.  While that is all spark stuff for sure...it was when I found myself alone while my lover was off on a deep sea scuba dive that I felt the most awesome fure ignite in me.  I chose my hot pink goddess bikini...yes this is actuall the name of the style.  How perfect, right?  Might I say I felt good and hot and sexy in that suit.  I could feel my energy rising and my personal power surging as I walked out alone toward those turquoise waves and white sands.  I was so happy to be on my own little adventure.  I would spend hours doing just what I wanted just when I wanted to without having to check in or consider anyone else.  I was loving it!  As I looked for the perfect angle to bath in the sun I took in the people around me.  I love to people watch.  There was this wonderful diverse blending of people but one couple caught my eye.  They were likely over 70, tanned deeply and giving off such magnificent energy.  She was topless and laying in a sensual power pose of Goddess Queeen.  She was rocking her feminine divine energy and he was rubbing oil over her shoulders.  He was cleary in awe of and in love with her.  They were both smiling and laughing together in a way that you just know the rest of the world has melted away and it was just the two of them on that beach.  There didn't seem to be other women with tops off this morning but seeing this couple moved me deeply.  I felt a strong message of power and acceptanace and once again, I knew I would be topless!  It was easier this time and as I removed my top and laid back on my chaise, I caught a glimpse of her looking my way.  She winked at me and flashed that wise smile.  We were topless chicks reveling in our feminine power and the sparks that come from feeling that freedom.  My top spent time in the tote bag each day on the beach from then forward.  Spark moments for sure...and yes, I got my groove back.







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