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What does it mean to self-love "Hot Pink Style"?

February....ahhh, the month of love.  Relying on the one you love to pull through for you in a big way.  The right flowers, the right dinner, the right card.  It's a lot of pressure!


But what about self-love?  Loving yourself regardless of external things.  Regardless if the right card, flower, or dinner is in your life.  Regardless of whether you are in a relationship with someone or not.


Self-love is that internal, gushy feeling that gives you confidence and the voice of positivity in your head.

Loving yourself is required for life's sometimes bumpy road.  It is easy to do when life is smoothly moving along and the people around you are doing oh-so-well.  More difficult when things get rocky.  How do you love yourself when someone else is telling you not to?  Or, when you make a blunderous mistake?  Or, when the external things you relied on to affirm you are okay, are suddenly gone?


This is when the real need for self-love, that internal state of knowing "I am Great", needs to flow into your being.


Here's a little list of what Self-Love is, Hot Pink Style:


It is knowing you are enough

It is seeking pleasure and enjoyment

It is living life for you, not for someone else

It is being bold enough to speak up for yourself, even if it may ruffle feathers

It is doing and being without apologies

It is taking good care of YOU, physically, spiritually, emotionally

It is taking enough risks to know you are still alive

It is being patient and gentle with YOU

It is being your own cheerleader

It is feeling fear, but not being ruled by fear


If you came with self-care instructions, what would they be?  Make sure you let others know your handling instructions by telling them, showing them and by doing for yourself.  Others know through the boundaries that you keep and the words you use, through your actions and reactions. 


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